Mandy Mendoza
Eyebrow & Makeup Artist
Mandy’s edge and style shines through her tremendously skillful makeup artistry. Mandy's beautiful brows are an indication of her aesthetic approach: precise and voluptuous. Brilliant at her art, Mandy fits right in with the ZVJ team.  She's an avid animal lover who is friendly, loves the outdoors and adores Disneyland.

Mandy Mendoza

I walked in and I was just amazed how beautiful the decor was and how nice the girls were. I had my daughter with me and she loved how they had treats all over, I liked how one of the girls brought out a coloring book to keep her entertained. Anyways Mandy worked her magic waxed and tinted my brows. Loved the results. It was so worth walking around with ‘man brows’ for 3 months. Thank u Mandy you are my go to chick”
– Cristina R.

Mandy Mendoza

Mandy's so genuinely sweet, she puts everyone at ease.  She's been an amazing assistant, an important sign for me.  I'm confident she knows the ZVJ brow shaping system to a 't'. Mandy does beautiful makeup and gives great makeup lessons.  She's fantastic with makeup 'updates,' and first time lessons for teenagers.”
– Zoey Van Jones

I heard about ZVJ through a friend of mine and let me just say, I’m so glad I went! I’ve been growing out my eyebrows for 3 months and it was soooo worth waiting. Mandy did a great job with my eyebrows and tint. I love the fact that they take their time with your eyebrows! For all you ladies who are worried if it will hurt.... have no fear! It was painless! Can’t wait to go back!”
– Marissa A.

  Instagram @mandybrows_